Fall Car Maintenance Tips


Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season
Vehicle Maintenance for the DIYer or Leave It Up To One of Our Factory Training Technicians 

Summer has unfortunately come to an end and that means it’s time to put away your bathing suit and towel and prepare for jeans and sweater weather. As you make this transition into the fall season you should also make sure your vehicle is prepared for the upcoming change in weather with these simple maintenance tips. 

Exterior Tips

As you go around your vehicle take a look at your tires and check to see if you have a safe amount of tread, an easy way of doing this is the penny test.

  1. Find a penny with more shine than others as dark pennies that blur out Abraham Lincoln’s face will not be as effective as a penny in good condition.

  2. Hold the bottom of Honest Abe’s body with your thumb and index finger and point his head down into the grooves of the tread.

  3. If any part Abe’s head is covered by the tread than you know you are ok. Otherwise your tread is too shallow and need to be replaced. Also make sure to check other grooves as tires do not ware evenly.

Do not let the fall foliage fool you as there are dangers that come along with the change in weather these dangers include:

  • ·         Fog caused by cool fall mornings

  • ·         An increase in deer activity along the roads

In order to be more aware of your surroundings check your headlights and make sure your low-beams reach at least 100 yards.

Interior Tips

Before the beautiful fall foliage sets in you need to make sure that everything under the hood of your vehicle is uniform. Check the levels of your fluids which include your oil, coolant plus washer and antifreeze

Ask yourself if your heater can withstand the drop in temperature. If your heater is blowing cold air here are some problems it could have:

  1. Stuck Thermostat
  2. Air in the cooling system
  3. Plugged heater core
  4. Coolant not flowing through the heater core

With slippery leaves littered on the road make sure your brakes, steering and suspension are working the way they should be. If you notice any issues such as your vehicle pulling, shuttering or brake noise please make an appointment to have your vehicle looked at by a professional.

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