Stand Alone Remote Starter Remote Starter with Keyless Entry
  • 2-One Button Transmitters 
  • Up to 1000 ft. 
  • Parking Light Flasher 
  • Selectable Run Times 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

$399 Installed 
  • 2-Five Button Transmitters
  • Up to 1000 ft. 
  • Remote Keyless Entry 
  • Remote Trunk Release 
  • Selectable Run Times 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 

$499 Installed
Full Alarm System with Keyless Entry & Remote Start
  • Up to 1000 ft.
  • 2-Five Button Transmitters
  • Alarm System
  • Shock / Impact Sensor
  • Siren
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Selectable Run Times
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
$599 Installed

Signature Sunroofs


Standard Features
  • Easy to operate one touch switch provides one touch open / one touch vent / one touch close 
  • Signature Series 845 is designed specifically for curved vehicle roofs 
  • Solar tinted glass for comfort and style 
  • Stamped steel trim ring promotes consistent glass panel seal and durability 
  • Integrated adjustable pop-up wind deflector minimizes wind noise 
  • Built in water management system protects against the elements 
  • Sleek styled trim ring presents an OEM look 
  • OEM mechanism ensures industry's smoothest and quietest operation 
  • Thin module design allows for additional headroom and a clean interior headliner finish 
  • Pre-bent trim rings for ribbed vehicle roof applications* 
  • Utilizes only encapsulated glass, ensuring corrosion protection and consistent secure mounting 

*Sold separately not available for vehicle applications

Sedan Installed

SUV / Full Size / Mini Van Installed


"Start Your Vehicle with Your Phone.... Keep Track of Your New Driver"

Base System Features

  • Lock & Unlock doors 
  • Control your vehicle remotely 
  • Programmable outputs(like trunk release)

GPS System Features
  • Additional Service Plan required 
  • GPS Vehicle locator 
  • GEO Fence with Security Fence 
  • Speed Alert 
  • Low Battery Notification

Base System 1st Year Free 
$29.95 per year after.
Add GPS 1st Year $49.99

Base System & GPS System $79.00 yearly starting in year 2. 

$499* Installed 
*Audiovox Remote Starter is required for CarLink

Compatible With 
iPhone Android Blackberry

All-In-One Flip Down Screen with Built-In DVD Player

  • LCD Monitor 16.9 or 4x3 Switchable Aspect Ratio 
  • Built-in DVD Player with Remote Control 
  • Switched Dome Lights 
  • Shale & Pewter Trim Bezels 
  • 5-Channel FM Wireless Modulator 
  • 2 Wireless Headphones w/Infrared Transmitter 
  • 3 Year Warranty

8.5" Flip Down DVD Video
$899 Installed

10.2" Flip Down DVD Video
$999 Installed

Additional Headphones 
$59 Single Channel Headphones 
$79 Dual Channel Headphones

Custom Dual 7" Headrest System with Built in DVD Players

  • Dual Replacement custom headrests(for Standard)
  • Dual seatback monitor housings(for Active Seatback) 
  • Dual 7" digital monitors w/LED backlighting 
  • High definition WVGA resolution (800 RGB x 480) 
  • Adjustable viewing angles 
  • Both monitors incorporate user accessible A/V input jacks Both monitors incorporate dual channel wireless headphone transmitters 
  • Both monitors incorporate a wired headphone input 2 
  • Wireless remote controls 

  • Hidden Junction Box Containing  
  1. RCA Input/Output 
  2. Full band wireless FM modulator
  3. RF output for hardwired FM modulation connection
  4. Game Port (Game pack sold separately)
 $1799 Installed

Additional Headphones
$59 Single Channel Headphones
$79 Dual Channel Headphones

Rear-view Mirror with Navigation

  • Built-in iGo Primo navigation with 19 on-screen display languages 
  • US and Canada maps with 11 million POIs 
  • Text-to-Speech recorded voice guidance in English, French, and Spanish 
  • Built-in Bluetooth with Phone Book 
  • Internal Microphone, Speakers, and GPS Antenna

Rear-view Mirror with Navigation 
$999 Installed 

Add a Back-up Camera for $299

 Rear Spoiler

 Wooden Dash


OEM-Look painted spoilers add a sporty look to the exterior
of your vehicle. They are perfectly matched to your vehicles factory paint color. Available on most vehicles.

Rear Spoiler $549
Compliment your vehicle's interior with a customized dash kit. Professionally installed and available in most vehicles.

Wooden Dash $599

 Satellite Radio



Satellite Radio XM or Sirius


Parrot 3100 Bluetooth w/Display
Safety Systems

Power Accessories
 Back Up Sensors  / Front & Rear Parking Assist


Back Up Sensors / Rear Collision Avoidance 
$649 Installed

Front & Rear Parking Assist 
$849 Installed
Cruise Control

$799 Installed


Back Up Camera w/ 3.5" LCD Screen


$899 Installed

Power Windows

2 - Door 
$799 Installed

4 - Door 
$1199 Installed

Back Up Camera w/ Integrated Rear View Mirror


$1,199 Installed

Power Door Locks

2 - Door
$499 Installed

4 - Door
$699 Installed

 Custom Leather Interior

Seat Heaters



2 Row Leather,
$1299 Installed

3 Row Leather,
$1599 Installed
Per Seat